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Monday, October 1, 2018

Love Whatsapp Status For Girlfriend In English - New Whatsapp Status

Love is an expression which is difficult to express. If you are looking for the best romantic status then you are in the right place.Here we are listing the best and most updated love status and quote. They are selected from thousands of love situations, quotes, etc so that we can save your time. Perhaps some quotes and statuses may help though. Share them through Whatsapp, FB, Instagram and more!

Love Whatsapp Status For Girlfriend In English - New Whatsapp Status

Love Status And Quotes For Whatsapp

Pick your favorite love quotes for your Whatsapp status from the best and selected collections given below.

Love is not complicated. Thoughts are.
Love is the only thing which can make you smile.
Love is like a breeze .. we can not see it! We can feel it ..
Only 1 feeling 2 express in 3 words 4 you - I love you..
Love is one who can not see the religion, caste, rich, poor in life.
True love = no doubt + no jealous + no worry = life is good.
There is no love without pardon, and without forgiven it is not love.
It does not matter how busy a person is ... If they really love, they will always find time for you.
I do not like to wait, I'm very impatient but I can wait until I end up with you.
A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K.L.M.N.O.P.Q.R.S.T.V.W.X.Y.Z..Did I miss something? Oh yeah, I miss u.
 If you were thinking about someone, while you are definitely in love ...
Love is one that can never be explained.
Deeper love by someone gives you strength while loving someone gives you courage.
I want to be in your arms, where you keep me tight and never let me go..
If you really love someone, then the only thing you want is to be happy ... even if you are not with her.
There is no remedy for love but there is more love.
True love is not a happy ending ... it has no end.
Some love one, some love two. I love one...that is you.
When I fall asleep at night, I am only sleeping 3% and 97%, I am thinking about you.
You can push them away, but those who really love you always choose to stay. 
Love is like the sun that emits from the clouds and warms your soul. 
There is no scale to measure love.
Love is not about how much you say" I love you "but how much can prove that it is true.
The best feeling is that when you see the person you like and they are already seeing you.
You're the reason behind my smile...
Someone asked me how life is? I just smiled and replied, she is fine...
True love never dies. Get it strong only with time.
You do not have any idea when I see you, how fast my heart is.
Yes, I am selfish because I can not share you with anyone else. 
Do not believe too much, do not love too much, do not care too much because 'too much' will make you hurt so much.

Love Quotes And Status

So these are quotes and statuses that you can make your own turn in position and can change it a bit and use it. In this way, it will become more unique and personalized.

Why Love Status?

Feel your girlfriend the luckiest lover in the world and fill your heart with immense joy. Let's send some love quotes to your girlfriend or put a love status on your whatsapp dedicated to your girlfriend.  That can make a big smile on your girlfriend's face. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or both of you are connected to each other, but by posting a love status for your girlfriend, you can increase her happiness. Most girls are going to be "I love you" often with their beloved. So, never feel her low and say that I love you at least three times a day. In this case, I hope these love statuses help you a lot to impress your loved one.

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