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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Funny Status For Whatsapp In One Line - New Whatsapp Status

Hi friends Today, I'm going to share a fun status update with you and the Whatsapp fun status in Hindi and English. There are millions of people who can use Whatsapp messenger and they change the day-to-day status so that I am publishing the most fun status in my site. Here we are going to list the most fun situation and quotes The most fun and comedy situation and quotes are for you to save your time and effort. I hope you like the funny status for Whatsapp.

Share them on Whatsapp, FB, and other social media sites, and have fun with friends and family.

Funny Status For Whatsapp

Get ready for some lol and comedy with the following fun status and quotes.
Save water, drink alcohol !!
One day, I'm going to cry onions.
When you start eating chips,a real smart TVwill increase its volume.
I love my job only when I spent my holiday ...
Oh please…. Do not copy my status.
Dear God, there is a bug in your software ... it is called Monday, please fix it.
It seems that I am deep in thought, but 99% of the time I just wondered what to eat after eating.
Life is very small. Do not waste your time by reading my Whatsapp status...
 Cousins are made so that our parents can compare the numbers. 
This is the beginning of sentences that you have just finished reading.
Eat - Sleep - regret - Repeat
Life is very small. Do not waste this pen drive safely.
Save paper, do not do homework.
Think about it. Every time we look back at ourselves a few years ago, we think we were fools. 
When your phone is 1% battery and anyone who sends a message, or calls, becomes an enemy.
Fact: Ph.-10 missed call on silent mode. Keep volume voluminous - no day does not call!
Fully available !! Please bother me !!!!
Status: I'm not on WhatsApp ...
I'm not lazy, I'm in power saving mode.
 Hey you, are you reading my status again ??
My style is unique so don't try to copy it.
If money increases on trees, girls are dating monkeys ..!
Girls use Photoshop to look beautiful... So smart huh!!!
You can never buy LUV ... but still, you have to pay for it.
The attitude is like underwear, do not show it, it was just worn
Always respect yourself!
My heart has been stolen ... can I see your brow
I told Alexa,what does the woman want? Over the last three days, this evil thing has not stopped.
There is a little smile in life while you are still teeth.
If I agree with you then we were both wrong.

Funny Quotes and Status 

So this is the collection of the best fun status for Facebook and WhatsApp. Whatsapp fun status is also available for boys and girls. You can also share these with your girlfriend or boyfriend to make fun. Interesting funny Whatsapp status updates are given above. You can copy the fun position ideas and the top fun position for Whatsapp and fun status message SMS etc and share it with your friends. I hope that your friends will also like these funny situations for Whatsapp.

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