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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Friendship Quotes For Whatsapp Status - New Whatsapp Status

We can not even think our life without friends. Sometimes it happens that our family does not understand our feelings but at the same time, our best friends do. Friends make life beautiful and are full of joy. Only one friend will make our day. So to express gratitude towards our friends, we come up with a list of best friend quotes. There are many people who are searching for friendship status for WhatsApp and Facebook to show their faith for friends and on friendship day. Therefore, best friend status and thoughts on friendships quotes have been written down.

Friendship quotes for whatsapp status

Friendship Status For Whatsapp

Here we'll be sharing some best and selected status and quotes which are appropriate for friends and in friendship day as well. So let's check out...

It is difficult to find good friends but difficult to leave, impossible to forget.
A best friend is a person who tells you the truth whenever you do not want to hear it.  
A beautiful friendship can change people. 
Friendship is not about who close to you for the longest, it's about who came and has never left you. 
Never try to get rid of the person who understands you and lives behind you in every difficult situation in your life. 
Your friendship is a special gift. Generally, happily accepted and deeply appreciated. 
There is always someone who cares about you without your knowledge and anything.
If you are alone, then I will be your shoulder; If you want to cry, then I will be your shoulder; If you want to embrace, then I will be your pillow; If you need to be happy, then I will smile on you ... but whenever you need a friend, then I will stay.  
I love my crazy, silly, stupid, gorgeous, wired, lung, socially challenging friends.
A friend is one who needs heart all the time. 
Let me tell you that your friendship matters a lot to me. happy Friendship Day. 
Love is blind; Friendship closes their eyes.
 A true friend first sees the tear, catching the other, which stops the third. 
Friendship doubles your happiness and divides your grief.
Friendship is delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed, but always crack will be. 
Friendship occurs at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! you too? I thought I was the only one.  
Friendship is like a mirror so that something can be hidden.
True friendship is that what water is for the fish, I can not do without it and you are my true friend. 
I am lucky to be like my friend and I want our friendship to last forever. happy Friendship Day. 
Real friendship like fluorescence, it shines better when everything is dark.
A friend is a person who knows the song in your heart, and when you have forgotten the words, the song comes back to you. 
A real friend is one who will stay with you in the rest of the world. 
Only a true best friend can save you from your immortal enemies.
 If you are in trouble, if you want hands, then just call my number, because I am your friend. 
The happiness of true friendship is always hot. Thank you for adding such happiness to my life.
Life is hell without friends.
Friends are more expensive than diamonds because diamonds always have a price but friends are invaluable.
If all my friends wanted to jump from a bridge, I would not jump with them, I would be down to catch them.
Unexpected friendship is best.
The best mirror is an old friend.
Best Friend: You can be crazy for only a short period because you have important stuff to tell them. 

Friendship Quotes and Status

So these are the collection of short friendship status. You can copy or download these friendship statuses and update it on your WhatsApp account.We hope you enjoy this post. Everyone has the best friend in life, so the right time to say thank you for making our life happy and exciting. Then share this post to them and make your friendship more powerful. 

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